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May Day 2009 Shanghai Concert

Time : 2009/7/3-2009/7/4
Venue: Hongkou Soccer Stadium
Price: 155/255/355/455/555/755/955/1055
Pho  : 021-51509199
URL  :
Mayday is a Taiwanese band that originated in the late 1990s but has since become one of the biggest rock bands in the Taiwanese pop culture,thus receiving a range of accolades as well as moving records all over the world.
Locally regarded as the best rock band after Beyond (a popular rock band based in Hong Kong),the band sings songs mostly in Taiwanese and Mandarin.They project a clean and healthy image,representing the zeitgeist of the Taiwanese youth who identify with the band's themes of innocence, dreams, loneliness and determination. At the same time, the band's unique outlook on life has attracted many fans that find their views refreshing.
Before the official formation in 1998, they sung in pubs, clubs, lounges and fast food joint openings, giving them foundations in building their music career. The band shot to fame in 1999 with single "Peter and Mary" and later that year held a concert at the Chungshan Soccer Stadium. At the same time, they gained rapid fame in Singapore, Hong Kong and Malaysia.
People call them the next Beatles of Taiwan. What is great is that Ashin, the lead singer, writes and composes almost all of their songs. Teenagers like their music because they can relate to the themes brought up in their music.
The band has always been expressing their hope for world peace through music, and is busy with their tour concerts. The live performance of Mayday is impressive and as good as the ones in studio, though their music in live brings different feelings. You can witness their dynamics and feel the red hot atmosphere.
The tickets will be available soon!
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